Moron and his consorts

Anna salai is virtually free from traffic on Sundays. Last Sunday traffic started moving in snail pace from guindy over bridge – raj bhavan road junction towards saidapet. The traffic was slowly inching and as it approached YMCA it almost came to a virtual stop. It was the birthday of a respected community leader from South. A group from his community was going to garland his statue in Nandhanam junction. The late leader had nationalism as one of his core belief. Every year there is a traffic jam on the leader’s birthday as people come to garland him.  If it falls on a weekday it is hell for the road users.

 The members of the group who had come to garland were in several vehicles. One vehicle had been playing band music much to the annoyance of everyone around. One SUV driver belonging to the group was aggressive and wanted to bull doze everyone around him to give way for him.  Police were accompanying the group and ensuring that the public could drive by the side of the group. Young ruffian’s part of the group was vigorously dancing and had sported bands around their heads and forearm. The band was in the same colour as that of the group’s flag. They were dancing to the music and appeared drunk. Ahead of the group was a chariot in which one moron was seated. He was smiling and waving to the crowd but sadly no one waved back. One of his group members was flashing the sword and making bold gestures with it.  The highlight of the comedy was a group of people seated in a horse sporting comic medieval costumes.  What was the real intention of moron and his consorts? Was it to celebrate the birthday? Was it to show their strength? Was it to forget reality?

 Celebration is a democratic right. Could they not celebrate their leader’s birthday by?

a) Cleaning the toilets of the rural schools.
b) Spend the money that they had incurred for travelling etc in activities like improving the facilities in rural schools.
c) Help farmers
d) De silt tanks and water bodies.
e) Segregate bio and non bio degradable waste in a dump yard.
f) Create awareness about plastic pollution in rural places.
g) Plant trees.


About kpsatish

Enjoy reading, walking and listening to carnatic music. Love to write with fountain pen and occassionaly water colour.
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