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Its that time of the year

Children have just completed a year of hard life at school.  Its time to relax!. No they cannot. They are pushed for fine grinding  in summer camps. The  grindings  range from art classes to the high funda Robotics. In some cases they would … Continue reading

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Bajji and the illusion of sumptuous chutney !

There is unlimited joy on watching the bajji being fried in the pan and served hot. Crisp and hot bajji, dipped mildly in chutney becomes invaluable. Adequate care should be taken to ensure that a crisp bajji does not stay for long … Continue reading

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Slow torture

There is a small pond in the end of Nattar steet in Velachery. It is being slowly tortured for being located in a booming locality and doing a sacred service for storing precious water.  As a part of torture, construction debris and  garbage … Continue reading

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For a moment

The bus is speeding up in the OMR road.  For a moment, i wished to fly out of the bus and  go near the bird that was flying nearby. I wanted to exchange few pleasantries and come back. Conductor blows the whistle and i … Continue reading

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Is it safe?

The mother was seated in the pillion and holding a few months old infant tightly on one hand and was using the other hand for her support. It was not safe. The bike was being driven in a steady speed. … Continue reading

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His precious belonging

The boy was traveling along with his parents in the MRTS train. He slowly collected a precious item from his mother and held it close to his chest. There was immense happiness and contentment in his face. The young boy should have … Continue reading

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