Perumal stores TTK road

There exists an archaic Perumal stores (TTK road) in the time of super markets, grocery chains, small grocery store re inventing into super market, and what not. The store is quiet small, no jazzy display, no computers, no uniformed staff, no offers for customer loyalty. It probably has two staff and must have been surviving for years. This is my guess!

What is the secret behind their survival?

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Why did i stop blogging?

It is exactly 3 + years since I stopped blogging. Where did the fervour for writing vanish ?  Read something about MorningPages by JuliaCameron after googling on writing in the morning.  I thing my blog had also turned into something meaning less covering very generic topic. Will i resume writing ?  If so, what should be the topic(s) ?  Should i force myself into dumping something.

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They had grown wonderfully without any intervention. Geometrically formed, fluffy and slightly brown & grey in colour. It looked like a piece of art. Should I trim or totally remove. I wondered. Finally with hesitation, i cleared the dust formation on the blades of the ceiling fan.

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Crisp and tasty dosa

I was under the impression that crisp and tasty dosas are available only decent hotels and restaurants. I am wrong. The masala dosa, sambar and chutney that  i tasted in the pantry car of chennai coimbatore intercity express was awesome.  It was fresh from tawa,crisp, not oily, potatoes cooked rightly and garnished with limited masala. After eating three pieces, I had the ultimate satisfaction. The challenge was to hold the dosa in the rocking train without spilling the sambhar on the floor and enjoy the taste as well.

If there was filter coffee , it would have been better!

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Attentively looking at the signal

Chennai coimbatore intercity express is tired during its last length of the journey. It is steaming on with just being 10 mts late. With all that the engine driver manages to catch up. I was feeling happy that it is not late. But my joy is short-lived. The train screeches to halt just before coimbatore North. I got frustrated. After a painful short delay, it starts crawling into North station. On the adjacent platform is a goods train that should have just halted. As intercity departs, i slowly walk through the platform and notice that the diesel engine driver of the goods train is attentively watching the signal.  May be he was bit anxious. It was red until I cautiously trespassed the track leading to the exit. Hopefully he should have got the signal and left.

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Pleasant Walk from Vedabhavanam to Cauvery

I  start aimlessly with others in the morning hour  from Vedabhavanam in Varagur. There is no plan or schedule. There is a tributary of cauvery flowing nearby. Just wanted to visit it. As i step out in a leisurely pace. I inhale fresh early morning village air.  It is 100 % pure. The gentle swaying of paddy by the wind and the orchestra of pump sets irrigating  the fields and birds flocking together . I gently touch one paddy offshoot and it greets me with smile and warmth.  occasionally a vehicle passes and is usually bullock cart. I cross the main road and a notice calf tied to a post. I gently touch it and it starts chewing my dress. It must be hungry. Few steps ahead the i notice fresh cauvery water flowing. What a pleasant sight. I get down and feel the cool water caressing my feet. Time pressed, I return back to Vedabhavanam.

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I litter in Thirunilakudi

A peaceful sivan temple in a calm place. There is a lovely pond opposite to the temple. I had breakfast in front of the temple.It was packed in a plastic parcel (Sitaram vilas Adhuthurai). The  plastic packaging stuff was left in a bin. I carry the guilt of littering in a green surrounding.In all possibilities there is no waste segregation.

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Sitaram vilas Aduthurai

After nearly two years, i had a chance to visit the hotel again. A new competitor with the same name has come adjacent to the original one.  I tasted idli,sambar and wheat halwa. The eatables continue to be delicious. The halwa was too good. Hope the copy competitor does not take away the originals business.

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He anxiously waits for a prospect

He is seated rather disinterestedly with hands on his cheek and looks around to see if any one is interested in buying a phone connection. An enquiry would at least bring him joy. None.

His  monthly target is in the back of the mind.  He is worried about his next months pay.

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Gobbling his lunch

On a humid day, His employer and family were shopping in a leading textile show room in T Nagar. In the car park, he was desperately gobbling his lunch, without savoring the delicacies that he had brought from home.

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