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Monday morning

The boy was clad in neatly starched school uniform. He was seated in the steps leading to a shop with his hands folded on top of his knees and chin residing on the folded hand.  His face expressed a mild … Continue reading

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Sleeping place

The migrant labour decides to rest for the night. His bed is not cozy and comfortable big cot with a soothing mattress. He makes his simple bed in the hard cement floor of the car shed. An old and torn … Continue reading

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I am clean and fresh

For a long time (so long), I remained dirty and unkempt. Occasional dusting with a cloth was the only luxury that I was entitled to. The dusting force struck blows to my body and painful. For nearly a year the … Continue reading

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What do commuters face to get a ticket in Guindy station – Race course entrance?

I join the long queue that is waiting to get a ticket.. The crowd is moving at snail pace. All passengers have covered their nose to avoid the strong foul smell that emanates from a nearby place. Clinkering sound of bottles … Continue reading

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Territorial dispute

Empty plot is part of a marshy land. But marsh no longer exists. Bull dozer is filling earth in the plot to make way for the construction. Small hut for construction workers is in place. A stray patch of greenery … Continue reading

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Head on collision

Children play in their own world, visualizing their own games and activities. But sometimes they totally forget the world and fear. Kids were playing in the common area. The decibel level was at its peak. Two of kids were notorious … Continue reading

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Cottage industry

It is located in one of the silent by lanes of dhandeeswaram in Velacherry. Adjacent to it is a shop dealing with waste paper and scrap. There are no name/sign boards or any other activity that would indicate its operations. If … Continue reading

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When will he retire?

The aged person is part of a catering services group that is serving a function. He is assigned various jobs which he manages to do with great difficulty. His hands tremble. Recurring cough disturbs his normal functioning. When he coughs … Continue reading

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Surprise feast

The butcher is gracious enough to throw a sudden feast. He throws the leftovers that have not been sold on to the top of a van. Crows roar on seeing and flock towards it. A group comes and each one … Continue reading

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