Andhi kadai Velachery

Planning an outing for Saturday eveningTiffinis always a problem for the people who have lunch straightaway without breakfast. By the time one wantsTiffin, the hotels would have closed their lunch and be in the warm up mode for evening tiffin. Any tiffin ordered in the hotel during that time is not likely to be good. This time we decided to try out Andhi kadai in velachery. It is located in the calm corner of the busy Dhandeswaran road. It can probably seat five people at any point of time. Menu is south Indian with daily specialties. According to their web site they specialise in traditional and nutritious evening snack foods.

 The day’s special was adai avail and different dosa varities.  Our order was Kozhukattai,kuzi paniyaram, idli,oothappam, adai and appam. Kozhukattai was wrapped in a silver foil to protect it from all evil forces. It tasted good and left the residue taste of sesame. Kuzhi paniyaram was golden brown, crunchy outside, soft inside and non oily. The core portion was cooked well. Uthappam was fluffy and slight brownish. The accompanying sambar and three varieties (Coconut,ground nut and onion) of chutneys were also good. Sambhar was fresh, tasty and not spicy. Idli -soft and spongy was served straight from the steamer. Adai was crisp, golden brown and dashed liberally with onions. Appam was soft, cooked well in the center portion. Accompanying kurma was its perfect match.

 The only draw back seemed to be the frying odour circulating inside. I had asked them to switch on the big exhaust. They did it hesitatingly for the fumes of the exhaust found its way into the house situated across the road opposite to it. They switched it off when I left the place. Home cooked food and pocket friendly


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3 Responses to Andhi kadai Velachery

  1. andhikadai says:

    Thankyou for the feedback. – andhikadai team

    • kpsatish says:

      I was totally and disappointed with your eatery’s(Velachery) food. Last Saturday, I had ordered(parcel) Adai avial , plain & podi uthappam & kuzhi paniyaram. Adai was not cooked properly. It was taken hurriedly from the pan. Avial did not taste as it should. It was just buttermilk and pumpkin. There was no sight of the usual vegetables that form part of avial. The uthappam was very sour. I could clearly make out that batter used for uthappam was a mixture of old(sour) and new one. The only palatable item was sambhar. I also liked the innovative cat kolam in front of the eatery.

      My previous experience with your eatery was extremely good. What happened?

  2. andhikadai says:

    Sorry for the bad experience. We will make sure that it will be corrected. Thankyou
    for your valuable feedback.

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