Calm & peaceful location

If you think that you need a calm place to play a game of chess, you may have to rethink. Two men were playing chess on a by-lane near the kottayam railway station under the street light. They were unmindful of the surroundings and solely concentrating on the game.

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Is anybody using it ?

They come in varied sizes and prices. Few appear fancy and would invite attention. Few could be held in pockets and some bulkier. With electronic age is somebody using the small notebooks that were storing addresses and phone numbers? Is anybody using it now?

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Riddle Guess the train name

The coaches of the super fast non stop express train are to be condemened.Its outside appearance is dull and rusted
Fixtures in the coaches are either broken or would break in a short time.Uncomfortable seats.Pests are co-passengers. They join the meal uninvited. Rusted wash basins and leaking pipes in toilets.

Clue : It is supposed to be a prestigious train.

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Will it vanish?

Frequent commuters using the velachery mrts may have observed that the water bodies near the tracks is slowly vanishing. It is not due to evaporation. An illegal settlement has slowly expanded and is pouring debris, industrial and packing material, harming the water body.  Precious natural reserve is being swallowed.

It pains !

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As the MRTS trains enters the station, i experience an eerie feeling.  The stations are sparsely crowded, untidy, unfinished and not poorly illuminated. Moreover the structure is mammoth and unused space add to its plight. Coaches are dull. Passengers anxiously pray that the next train should arrive as soon as possible. Recalling the experience itself is eerie.

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Happy Birthday

Wishing you many more happy returns! You are now six years old and I want to celebrate your birthday. Neither you can cut cakes nor blow a candle. I cannot also  gift you something to it. You are simple but have been an invaluable messenger in receiving good,bad and every other message. For many,your appearance is old,dull,drab and outdated. Your current counterparts are modern, trendy and appear more beautiful. 

In the past few years, your heart was replaced twice and several minor cosmetic replacements were done. Two years back, you were almost fatally drenched and admitted to an ICU. The doctor had revived your life miraculously.
I know you are not able to speak much but i don’t have it as a complaint. It could be due to old age. Well i cherish holding  Nokia 1100

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Like metals,commodities and other items, Would water be traded in commodity exchanges?

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Drenched in rain

I got drenched along with other road users. Not by rain. The corporation lorry was sweeping the road and blowing dust all across.

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The worker was calm and focussed in his work with the customer. He was not distracted by the loud blaring from the TV, customers chatting and other sounds from the road.  Customer gets a call in his mobile and interrupts the worker. He is forced to stop his work abruptly. The call gets over and he resumes. Again there is a call in the customers mobile and worker has no option but to stop. Is this mobile call not a disturbance to the hair dresser who is meticulously shaving the beard of his customer.

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Fatal accident

The victim was lying down in the middle of the road drenched with blood. There was no trace of life. People travelling in speeding  vehicles did not have the time to attend the victim. Many of them were speeding past without even noticing. Poor garden lizard, it must have been fatally run over while crossing the taramani link road.

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