He did not give up

Morning peak hour @ Taramani bus stop. As always M119 bus is over crowded and the driver has no option but to stop as some commuters have to get down in the stop. While boarding, One passenger drops one of  his slipper. Fearless he gets down and collects his slipper only to find that it is torn. Meanwhile the conductor blows the whistle and the bus starts moving.  He chases and manages to squeeze in as the last foot board passenger.  Barring his one hand and one leg, the entire portion of the body is outside the bus.

Ironically in the SRP junction, the same commuter is strongly warned for foot board travel. He pleads that there is no space inside and he has no other choice. He continues the journey so that he can reach his office on time.


About kpsatish

Enjoy reading, walking and listening to carnatic music. Love to write with fountain pen and occassionaly water colour.
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