Short entertainment

Yesterday around 8 PM, pedestrians,people travelling by bus, car and other modes in OMR were lucky to witness a short entertainment. From a distance I could hear an item number song and see colourful lights. As it drew closer, it was clear that the music was from a music  troupe seated in a short tempo. A tempo has been creatively  converted to hold speakers, space for two person to play key boards & drums. Besides them was a singer who was having a mike in one hand and another safely clutching to a portion of the tempo. Following them was a foot music band clad in neat violet-coloured uniform that was adding spice to the music. The sound from the orchestra was loud enough to deafen the ears from the normal sounds in the road. Traffic had slowed down. 

Behind the foot music band, was a small pick up truck converted to seat two garlanded people(to be married?) on a pedestal.The groom was dressed in the blazer and the bride. Two kids were also seated along with them. The couple were seated below an small arch like structure that had glowing serial lights. The tail of the makeshift vehicle was connected to diesel generator which was silently grumbling about the whole event. Group of relatives were trailing in a van. The whole show was being watched with joy by a small infant clutched in the shoulder of her mother. She was possibly thrilled with the serial lights which was joy to her. As the entertainment moved forward, the traffic behind them slowly moved .


About kpsatish

Enjoy reading, walking and listening to carnatic music. Love to write with fountain pen and occassionaly water colour.
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