Walk through a thick forest with nice flora and fauna

The 36 th Chennai Book fair was cozy for book lovers. The crowd was a mixture of bibliophile, readers who wanted to just browse, readers who have decided before and selectively choose, children browsing picture books and stories, professionals, brilliant minds with thick glasses, poets, writers, readers confused with choices and anyone with a faint interest in books. All of them can be addressed as book lovers. Few book lovers anxiously search for a title and on locating it, their joy is unlimited.  Few call somebody and confirm before buying. children’s pester their parents to buy something of their own choice. Parents are in a dilemma as to whether the child will really need the book. There are  whispers around and only there are discussions about books,books, books…. Some serious readers are somewhat disturbed by the occasional announcement in the public address system. “Car no …. Please park it properly…… ”  when the mind is book hunting, the stomach does need some refreshment. There are refreshments in the form of Tea, Coffee, hpmc fruit juice, mineral water, bombay Varkey ….. As dust rises, allergic book lovers brave it by having their handkerchiefcovering their nose and mouth. There is also a food court for a complete refreshment.

 While book lovers are rejoicing, staff employed in the staff are anxious about their sales and are delighted when a book lover enters their stall. The staffs are helping in locating the title, spotting buyers who are shy to ask, arranging new books, ensuring that book lover buys something. One staff engaged in billing was actually helping the slip from the credit card swipe machine to come out fast so that the next waiting customer could be billed. Once a title is bought, there is contentment in the eyes and satisfaction in the heart of a book lover. The only next task is to read the book. Some do it in the fair itself. For a book lover, the book fair is like walking inside a thick forest with a variety of flora and fauna. As the book lover is in his own world, there is a support mechanism outside and inside doing their duty. 






About kpsatish

Enjoy reading, walking and listening to carnatic music. Love to write with fountain pen and occassionaly water colour.
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