West coast express is resting in Erode junction. The electric engine which pulled it rather harsh from Chennai is detached and coaches hope that the diesel engine that would pull it subsequently come late. They wished to have some additional rest. Passengers are refreshing in the platform with the fresh food that is being sold. Few are washing their faces in the platform taps and are refreshed. Does Cauvery water make any difference? A small push cart vendor selling idlis and vadai is doing brisk business. Somehow the stoppages of train induce a person to eat something, irrespective of not being hungry. Finally the diesel engine arrives and is shunted to the train. Coaches protest. “No not again I have to start, I need some more rest!” The signal understands the situation and grants a boon by staying red. Finally the passengers are refreshed and the signal turns amber. Whistle blows, green flag shown, driver honks and the train departs.

The engine driver seems to have understood the plight of the coaches. He gently pats the engine and assures the coaches that he would be pull them without much pain. Occasionally the driver honks to cheer the coaches and passenger. Here starts the joy. The gentle swaying of the coaches is like rocking the cradle. Sun set is on the horizon. Cool breeze flows into the coach to refresh everyone. Dark clouds start covering the sun and its rays spread orange around. Meanwhile the intensity of the breeze intensifies and passengers drown in it. Stray patches of coconut groves and agricultural land are a visual treat. One peacock is in a state of ecstasy and dances in the field. Engine driver honks periodically to ensure that passengers are alert and enjoy the scenery and breeze. The diesel engine makes its running sound pleasant to hear. It’s getting dark and the train continues its long journey.


About kpsatish

Enjoy reading, walking and listening to carnatic music. Love to write with fountain pen and occassionaly water colour.
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