Head on collision

Children play in their own world, visualizing their own games and activities. But sometimes they totally forget the world and fear. Kids were playing in the common area. The decibel level was at its peak. Two of kids were notorious for their mischief and hyperactivity. One boy was riding the cycle fast and the other girl (wearing spectacles) was one running towards him face to face. Both increase the speed as they come close. Thud. The impact was severe. Both fell down. The face of the boy riding the cycle was full of blood. The girl’s spectacles shattered into pieces. Her face was also covered with blood. Neigbhour’s witnessing this carried both of them to their respective houses. Two stitches were required for the boy and some minor bruises for the girl.  

 Next day the girl was in her usual form. She was running all around and seemed to have totally forgotten the incident.  The boy riding the bicycle was not to be seen. Is he under house arrest?


About kpsatish

Enjoy reading, walking and listening to carnatic music. Love to write with fountain pen and occassionaly water colour.
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