When will he retire?

The aged person is part of a catering services group that is serving a function. He is assigned various jobs which he manages to do with great difficulty. His hands tremble. Recurring cough disturbs his normal functioning. When he coughs his face reveals the pain. On one occasion he is made to stand in front of the table that has betel nuts, gems(Cadbury),  peppermint, inji morrapa and sombu.. Children crowd the table. Unable to stand, he sits and gives them to children in a small spoon. Next day he has been assigned to distribute Jigardanda after the main function. His hands tremble and he his not able to hold the tray.  One tumbler tumbles and jigardanda spills. Fortunately it does spill over into any of the guest. 

When will he retire? Would he be entitled for any retirement benefits?


About kpsatish

Enjoy reading, walking and listening to carnatic music. Love to write with fountain pen and occassionaly water colour.
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