Burning garbage in dump yards

With worst summer giving its blazing heat, people welcome the pleasant evening breeze with gratitude. But the breeze itself becomes poisonous when it carries the smoke of the burning garbage. Eye irritation, respiratory difficulties and a host of health problems are its side effects. With garbage being burnt in perungudi dump yard without any control, the people in the nearby areas suffer. Normally this problem would occur to the areas adjacent to the dump yard. . People staying in slightly far away places also suffer. Some parts of velachery also suffer from tis problem. In Velachery Taramani road, motorist can feel the heat, inhale the smoke and also should be careful with the haze. Of course the haze is not something that hinders the vision of drivers but is not a good sign.  Residents would have to wear a mask in the evening to slightly escape from the effect of smoke.

There have been several articles in news papers and other media highlighting the health hazards of dump yards and burning garbage. As cities expand there is no safe to handle its garbage. Who is going to solve the problem? The person/group which provides and implements a holistic solution can be handcuffed with gold.


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Enjoy reading, walking and listening to carnatic music. Love to write with fountain pen and occassionaly water colour.
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