Why did I hurry?

It’s about 4:25 AM and I suddenly wake up to find that Bangalore mail has crossed East station. I become anxious for I have to get down at cantonment station with eight heavy luggage pieces. I panic, set myself into a hurrying mode and bring all the luggage’s near the door of the coach. The train slows down and stops at cantonment Station. In a split second, I jump into the platform. I unload the luggage one by one on to the platform not minding about the passengers behind me. My only selfish fear is that I should unload the luggage before the train departs. Another anxious passenger behind me nearly pushes my heavy luggage and helps himself to get out of the coach.  I heave a sigh of relief after unloading the entire luggage and start towards the exit.

As I cross the station exit neither the train nor its passengers appear to have woken from the sleep. As I reach the exit and board the transport for my destination, the train stands still. It would have been at least twenty minutes since the train had stopped.  The scheduled stoppage in cant station is five minutes. Why did I hurry? Pure anxiety!

With plenty of running time, the night trains to Bangalore try their best to delay the journey and yet arrive at the station on/before the scheduled time.Bangaloremail departs late in the night. By the time the ticket checking is over and one gets into sleep the train reaches its destination.Mysoreexpress leaves early in the night and reaches Bangalore cant by 03:35.


About kpsatish

Enjoy reading, walking and listening to carnatic music. Love to write with fountain pen and occassionaly water colour.
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