Ambushed by nature

The crowd was enjoying the sight of pleasant waves and its sound. Breeze was lifting the spirits of the crowd. Children were running around. Few had the courage to stand without holding their parents hand.  Some children were under fear and were clutching the hands of the elders. As waves of medium intensity hit the shore, the crowd erupts in joy. As it receded the expression of joy waned. Few were snapping pictures. Some were finicky that their dresses were getting wet. A junk bag that was thrown in to the sea came again and left back to the shores. The sight of foam and water is soothing to the eyes. Sea seemed to have sensed the crowd’s mood. It is at its peak in entertaining the crowd.  Its entertainment includes washing the feet of the crowd. This continued for a while. Suddenly a high intensity wave ambushed the crowd in the shore. It never announced its arrival by appearing huge.  Not anticipating the wave, the crowd responded with a mixture of joy and shock.  On receding the wave took some sand along with it. This made the crowd lose their balance. Immediately the crowd became alert. Few trace back their steps. Some children are bewildered and few want the experience it again. But the next wave hit the shore with the normal intensity.

Away from the shore, the breeze approaching the shore is greeted by the concocted aroma of frying bajjies, baking corn, frying fish, chat masala and other snacks. The char coal grill is waiting for transforming the next corn.   Child workers help their parent’s food stall in various ways. Some announce that fresh crisp bajjis would be fried.  One is clearing the used plates. Another gets the scolding from their mother for running here and there. The toy vendor is selling Chinese toys which have a short life span. May be they would break, even before its buyer leaves the beach. Aspiring marksman try their luck with the rifle. The crowd returns with the free return gift from sea: wet dress and sand.  As they return from the beach they have a send off by the receding sound of waves and welcomed by the blaring sound of vehicle horns.


About kpsatish

Enjoy reading, walking and listening to carnatic music. Love to write with fountain pen and occassionaly water colour.
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