La boulangerie bakery is to be opened shortly in velachery main road. The shop where it is located had earlier hosted vasavi mobiles. Mobiles and accessories were selling like hot cakes. Now it is time for real cakes. Would its arrival trigger a competition to the two prominent local bakeries located nearby?

In the last weeek of Aug 2012, this has been closed. Was patronage not good?

Sri Mahalakshmi Iyengar cake shop (Bangalore type) is located few yards away.  The meaning of the words “Bangalore type” in the name board is not clear. Besides bakery products they also have south Indian sweets, tea and coffee. The patrons are ordinary citizens who come down to have a quick bite at economical price. Henry bread house located few shops away from Sri Mahalakshmi iyengar cake shop in the corner of Velachery main road and Dhandeswaram main road junction is another shop catering for the common people. Its ambience may not be appealing. Supreme bakery and sweets is another bakery nearby located in Dhandeeswaram Main road. Its patrons flock it for the fresh bread that is baked everyday. The aroma of freshly baking bread fills the street. It is a marketing tactic to let the aroma into the street instead of a chimney?  Their freshly baked bread stock vanishes by later evening. Mcrennet is also located in a nearby place that can be identified only after some light searching.

All bakeries have their own set of loyal customers, busy and coexist peacefully.  It should be noted that they are not air-conditioned and do not have menu cards or uniformed staff. La boulangerie product’s are priced high .  The items that are different are Whole wheat bread and multi grain breads. What about the taste of the cakes? It is for the patrons to decide.


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Enjoy reading, walking and listening to carnatic music. Love to write with fountain pen and occassionaly water colour.
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