Arumugham’s gesture

Arumugham ordered Ravi “Deliver three cups of coffee and two sets of idly to the station immediately”. It is three days since Ravi had joined as a helper in the mess. He muttered “Atrocious. They won’t pay for the food “.  He also observed that the owner always packs the best food to them. His standing instruction was that the food should be piping hot and fresh. Are they pressurizing him?”Ravi’s curiosity was increasing day by day “Why does the mess owner give the best to them? Sometimes he delivers even before they make an order. He made a calculation of the items supplied free everyday. It was minimum thirty cups of coffee, ten sets of morning tiffin, twenty full meals and tiffen at nights. When senior officers visited the station, the count would be more. The neighbour hood business community spun various stories about his act. One version was that he runs a couple of shady businesses and to protect them he is doing this favour.

Month after month this continued and Ravi decided to get his doubt resolved because the owner did not appear to get any favours in return for the free food. When Arumugham ordered Ravi to deliver Lunch,Ravi looked into his owner’s eyes to ask the question. Arumugham immediately understood and replied.Ravione humanitarian aspect you need to understand. All the members of the station are away from their family and miss good home food. Their work hours are not fixed and invariably stretch to the later hours. They are utterly tired because of their schedule. Some of them go to bandobust duties and stand in hot sun for a long time suppressing their hunger and thirst. Hunger is cruel and could negatively influence their senses while discharging the duty.  Eventually they will have to fill their stomachs somewhere. Eating at the right time or at least the good quality food might enable them to focus on their work. You can call the act by any term you want.

Ravi understood and went to the deliver the breakfast. As he entered the station, the inspector was announcing to their constables that their station has got the award as the best model station for the third time in a row.Ravikept the food and while leaving Inspector told him “Thambi ask arumugham to make kesari along with lunch”.


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Enjoy reading, walking and listening to carnatic music. Love to write with fountain pen and occassionaly water colour.
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