Couple board the train in the way by station. They are accompanied by their young son and an old lady. They should have planned a sudden travel and managed to stand in the passage near to the seat. A fellow passenger held the boy in his lap. The boy was not very mischievous and had his quota of the snacks sold in the train. As the train was nearing the final station, the lady suddenly raised a cry which drew the attention of the fellow passengers. Few passengers became anxious and asked “What happened? Why is the lady crying? “. Her husband replied that her brother had passed away in their native place. 

She started swaying and cried more vigorously and finally lied down on the seat. “My brother! You are gone. They have killed you” . Then she directed a salvo towards her husband. “I was not willing to travel.” “You did not listen”. Her husband tried to pacify her but it had no effect. He made various calls to confirm the news. The rattling sound of the train made it difficult for him to get the correct details. Meanwhile she took the flower from her head and threw it out of the window. The little boy was not fully aware of the situation. The old lady who had accompanied them was sleeping and did not wake up to the calls made by the young boy. Finally she got up only to sleep again. The lady pleaded to her husband “Let us hire a car and reach fast.. “  After some time her crying subsided.



About kpsatish

Enjoy reading, walking and listening to carnatic music. Love to write with fountain pen and occassionaly water colour.
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