The floor is shaking constantly. He has a tray in his hand containing food that can overturn in the slightest shake. He navigates through the crowd, rattling sound, markets his item, spots prospects, temporarily places the food tray in one location and serves his customers. He has a sharp mental arithmetic and collects the amount. If does not have the balance change, he assures his customers that he would pay back once he sells some more. The type of food item in the tray complicates his walking. After the transaction, he collects his tray and seeks the next prospect. The acrobat is none other than the vendor from the train’s pantry car, serving the passengers of the train. His face glows with smile and satisfaction when he returns back to pantry with an empty tray.


About kpsatish

Enjoy reading, walking and listening to carnatic music. Love to write with fountain pen and occassionaly water colour.
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