Vendhans hunger

The last thing vendhan knew about himself was being hit by a lorry when he tried to cross the road. He was already hungry for the past three days surviving on meager food. Being a daily wage labour he had to support his family of his wife, three children and his parents. The sight of food in road side hotels, tea shops and other places would kindle his hunger. He took any employment that came by and ensured that his family had their food. When he worked as a temporary help in a leading star hotel he was surprised by the food that was wasted by the patrons. In weddings conducted by wealthy people, he would be surprised with the Vegetable carvings made in entrance. He was pondering “The quantity of vegetables wasted would be sufficient for three days to my family”

Vendhan was placed inside a glass freezer box. Wails of his parents and relatives filled the house. His mother shouted “You were suppressing your hunger and feeding us”. His wife cried “ You got jangiris for children and it is not fully consumed. Who is going to eat it?”. Vendhan did not hear any of this. He was hungry and thirsty. The time came for his cremation and his mortal remain was moved to crematorium and consigned to the flames. It was freedom for him and he escaped through the chimney of the crematorium and first continued his search for food.

He peeped through the ventilator of the house that was adjacent to the crematorium. The wife was serving dosai and sambar to her husband. Husband ordered the wife ” Go and close the windows. Smell again” Wife replied with her angrily “Change the house first. You are not taking any effort. ” Husband shouted back “Pour some sambhar”. He could not enter the house. Finding no chance for food he continued his search. His next stop was the fruit shop near the crematorium. Imported apples, bananas and other fruits were piled up. It was peak hour business for the shop. There was also a earthern pot full of water. He entered the shop but could not hold on to anything. The helper of the shop told the owner “Ayya something has entered the shop. Owner shouted “Shut up and serve the customers” He ran through various places : Snack shop, tasmac ,andhra mess and briyant shop. He could not get hold of anything for his thirst and hunger. Finally he found his way back to home. His family was still crying and a garlanded photo of him was present in the hall. He goes to the kitchen only to find no food there. He resumes his journey to find food and water for his unsatiable hunger.


About kpsatish

Enjoy reading, walking and listening to carnatic music. Love to write with fountain pen and occassionaly water colour.
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