In her own world

There is a sudden monsoon shower. Bikes suddenly come to stop. People run towards the nearby shops for shelter.  The shelters are the frontage of a posh showroom, tea stall or any other shop. The shelters suddenly start buzzing with activity. Few are fully drenched. Some are miffed that the rain is playing a spoil sport. One Sales person is late for an appointment. He calls and conveys this to his boss who is furious on the other side. A couple use this period to continue their chat.   One dog tries to find a place in the shelter but is chased away by the occupiers. There is a storm water drain before the shelter whose construction is not complete.  It is not closed. As more rain pours, water sheet covers the entire drain and the road. It is getting difficult to distinguish between the water of the drain and the road. One person is worried that somebody can actually trip into the pit. His fear is nearly becomes a reality when one person attempts to park a bike and the wheel plunges into the drain.  Good Samaritans help him. Few of them plan to board the slowing bus.


Amidst this, one young girl is walking on the road seems to be not bothered about the rain. She has put her hands free of the mobile and is happily talking to some body. Her one hand holds the umbrella and other one constantly gesticulates. It seems to indicate can animated conversation. Her face is full of excitement and happiness. She is in her own world and must be having abundant joy.


About kpsatish

Enjoy reading, walking and listening to carnatic music. Love to write with fountain pen and occassionaly water colour.
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