Who would have first designed this in homes? It is located in a high place, can be accessed only through a ladder or a high stool and is a close pal to the ceiling. Its design is supposed to make optimal use of the space in the house, smells horrible and is a happy residential samathavupuram colony for rats, cockroaches, lizards and pests. . It is convenient, holds things that cannot be kept elsewhere in the house and no body knows the exact details of items inside it. Here is the catch – out of sight is out of mind. Exotic items are dumped inside the loft : old magazines, used tyre,  jarinis, big kadais, gifts, brooms, items beyond shelf life, jadis, buckets, kolu dolls, show case figurines, big vessels, old electrical fittings, obsolete electronic gadgets, brass vessels handed over from generation to generation, faded old framed photos. All items dumped have one thing in common- it cannot be used and one never knows when there would be a need to use it.  It is notable that some items in the loft can neither be used nor disposed due to sentiments. As time progress amnesia sets in and the contents located in lofts are forgotten.  Sometimes an urgently purchased item would already be in the loft.

One fine day a trigger makes one to clean the loft. It can be an up coming event like Navarathi, house painting, pure boredom, honest desire to clean the loft. One another occasion can be the need to dump more items into the loft.  During the cleaning one again goes through the agony of indecision – to dispose or not. Frustration could set in when an item just purchased is already available in a semi good condition. Arguments and bitter wars are fought amongst family members.  One member erupts “I have been telling that we should be opening the loft once in a month. No body listens. I am the only one shouting and earning a bad name”. Finally the person with a bold heart thinks about emotional detachment and takes a decision to throw away things/donate the items without a second thought. A vow is taken that the loft would be periodically cleaned and its content inventoried. As time passes everything is forgotten again and the cycle of hoarding begins to set. Everybody in the house is dejected to find that there is an urgent need for an item that was recently thrown out as a part of cleanup drive. One member erupts like a volcano “I have been telling that we do not know the value of money. In haste everything was thrown out. No body listens……..”. Overhearing this, its inhabitant’s cockroaches, lizards, rats and other pests merrily laugh.


About kpsatish

Enjoy reading, walking and listening to carnatic music. Love to write with fountain pen and occassionaly water colour.
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