How would an e-Golu be in the time of e-tailing, outsourcing and e-commerce?

 Households could launch a virtual kolu in a web site. It could be provided as a service by a vendor or individuals could have their own site. They can load the photos of a kolu or the site could have the feature where dolls can be chosen from the available list.  There can be a minimum of three steps and it can be increased based on the subscriber’s choice.  Parks or other interesting additions could be part of the options. Invitations could be through social networking site/emails. Every entry by visitor is authenticated by some strong method. No visitor timings as the kolu site can be accessed twenty four hours. No rushing down on the last date of the Kolu. Visitors can sing through a mike attached to their browsing machine and it gets recorded in the site.  Strictly -No song upload feature. Householders can listen to visitor’s song during their free time or chuck the song. The visitor can end the visit by clicking a Thambool button. How would the thampool be delivered? A courier could deliver it next day along with the sundal. Again the sundal is a choice of the subscriber. The quantity and quality of the sundal could vary based on the choice of the subscriber.  Additional gift items could also be subscribed in the form of plates, bags e.t.c Visitors can register their comments which would be edited and published by the subscriber.   As technology advances the visitor could smell the perfume of agarbathis or dasangam after entering the site. A configurable option would enable the visitors to be greeted by the subscriber. Gossip can also be actively shared and exchanged through a chat facility. Finally mobile users should be able to access and browse using their mobiles.  All activities within a service have a time and price.

 It is vital that the site be protected from malicious cyber attacks devised by the jealous neigbhours.  There should be a self defense capacity to ward of the evil eyes.  Can it allow a visitor to enter more than once?  If so how many times? What happens if the net connection of the users fumbles during his kolu stay?  What would mischievous kids do? They obviously cannot touch the dolls or pull them away from the stand?   More important how long can the visitor stay?


About kpsatish

Enjoy reading, walking and listening to carnatic music. Love to write with fountain pen and occassionaly water colour.
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