Choice for my next life | Final part

Due to continuous running in dusty conditions, my external appearance is shabby.  I have no time for grooming myself. Dirt, peanut shells, packing material from snacks, liquids and food are thrown inside me. I am stained with vomit; pan and sometimes human waste. Rodents, insects and pests freely roam on top of me. I have no time for hobbies. People willfully scribble their good and bad thoughts on me. During my brief stoppage, I would meet my friends. But we seldom have time to exchange pleasantries, share jokes, grief and talk about our miseries. There is a strong talk about classless society, but we are divided into various classes with some having more luxury and power than others. Privileged groups amongst us get overnight rest and even one holiday in a week. During their holiday they are groomed well for the next journey. Because of this discrimination the inferior group waits, the elite over take them and continue their journey even when they are late and inferior ones are on schedule.

 Forget rest I am not even paid for my services. Nobody notices my tears and moan.  People around me just carry on without any regard to me or our group. It would be heartening if they can pat me and say “Thank you and Good job!”  I feel depressed when people end their life using us a medium.  There are group politics and I don’t want to be part of certain group. The only good time for me is when I travel through the villages blushed with greenery. I am growing old and may soon become invalid. My owners will soon auction me to the highest bidder who in turn will put me to a painful death by breaking me into pieces. Then they would sell my parts as scrap. The buyer turns me into a new form.  I don’t have control over the choice my next life but, I certainly don’t want to be railway coach in my next life. I want to be made into something that rests in cool place and enjoy nature.


About kpsatish

Enjoy reading, walking and listening to carnatic music. Love to write with fountain pen and occassionaly water colour.
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