Book lover’s anxiety and joy

It is a joy that cannot be expressed in words. A book lover walks into a library or book shop hunting for a book.  The desire is conveyed to the librarian or salesman. He goes out in search of the book. The wait begins, anxiety rises, heart pounds, long breaths and every second is painful. To the lover’s joy, the librarian/salesman walks with the favorite book and its sight makes the lover jump in joy. The librarian/salesman hands over the book and its first touch drowns the lover in happiness. As the pages are flipped through there is more joy.   The lover takes the book near his nose and inhales the smell which concludes the hunt. A good salesperson would also read the mind of the buyer, sense his preference and locate it.  Increasingly books are now available in electronic form. What would be the emotions during such situations?


About kpsatish

Enjoy reading, walking and listening to carnatic music. Love to write with fountain pen and occassionaly water colour.
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