Choice for my next life – Part 1

We are one behind the other as a group and my master has started pulling us. All members in our group are blind. I have to run behind my master, slow down whenever he slows and stop when he stops. I am tired of constant running and desperately need rest in a calm and serene place. Even if I wish to rest my master keeps pulling me. Sometimes he brings me to a sudden halt. I cannot blame him for he obeys the signals from someone else. I am heavily built and carry a huge load on me. I gasp to climb the hilly tract. Most of my journeys are in the night and I seldom rest peacefully in the day time as my shelter does not have a proper roof.  

During any part of the day we begin our journey – stop & start intermittently to reach another destination. I shudder while crossing a river, become tense and anxious that I may trip and fall down. While travelling through mountains I feel giddy and fear that I would roll down. During my long journey I travel through different weather conditions– warm, hot, humid, pleasant and extreme cold conditions. When it rains heavily, I would get drenched and crawl. In winter I have no sweater or warm clothing to protect me from cold conditions.  Then there are miscreants who block our group’s journey for some personal or political reasons. Some of my friends have died or lost a part of their body because of this. Few of us have been burnt.  They throw stones and hit us with heavy objects which cause immense pain. We also get hurt because of our master’s mistakes. The constant chatter of people and running sound is making me deaf. My knees and body are in severe pain.  Due to the extreme stress I breakdown and the treatment for my recovery is painful. .




About kpsatish

Enjoy reading, walking and listening to carnatic music. Love to write with fountain pen and occassionaly water colour.
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