Where had he undergone the training?

Sri Lakshmi stickers is located on the busy velachery bye pass road and seems to be quiet popular for number plate, sun screen, duplicate key (select types) and services related to it. On the entrance of the shop there is a small pillayar statue kept inside a hollow cavity. Ramesh(Owner?) seems to be a person capable of  handling multiple customers at the same time without showing any discomfort. A teenager wants his name on the bike to be stuck in the latest style. He makes and sticks it. There is joy and satisfaction in the teenagers face. An elderly person not capable of speaking comes to stick some thing that has been made earlier in the shop. He completes his request. A customer has parked his vehicle in the main road. The owner requests him “Anna please park in the service lane. The recovery van might tow it away”. To another customer he shows the photocopied article about the number plate regulations. A conservancy worker comes to collect the garbage and he treats him in the right way. One customer has difficulty in removing the number plate whose content is to be changed. He immediately assists “Sir the number plates would have been tightened by machines in the factory. I will come down and help you.  What is most amazing is that way he tells the customers that executing an order would take time and orders cannot be executed instantly. To another impatient customer, he politely tells that Saturday is a busy day and he would have to wait and come later. The customers wait patiently with no sign of irritation in their face.  While executing an order, a prospective customer wants to know whether an order would be taken. He turns into a sales man and gives an instant quotation.  Then he dons the role of a cashier to collect payments.

 His important tool is a small knife which he handles it like a craftsman. The first half of the shop has computer and behind the partition there are the technological gadgets to support his business. One person joined in the shop to help him. She started replacing the blades in his knife and did some other sundry jobs. Where would have Ramesh been trained in customer relations?  India has several such people with excellent skills and talents. They may not hold a professional degree but they make a mark.


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Enjoy reading, walking and listening to carnatic music. Love to write with fountain pen and occassionaly water colour.
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