Instant intoxication

What gives an instant intoxication and not harmful to health? It is without doubt the sweet kozhukattai. Some amazingly sweet items are hidden from the eyes through a covering. Take the case of jackfruit. Its amazing sweet fruit is covered by a thick layer of prickly skin. The kozhukattai is not so complex but cannot be underestimated. It’s covered by choppu(outer layer) which should be hard enough to hold the poornam inside and at the same time soft enough for the tongue. The small protrusion at the top of sweet kozhukattai is itself an honour for it. Perhaps originally it would not been part of sweet kozhukattai. It could have later added as an honour to it.

Just close your eyes. Take one sweet kozhukattai. Do not bite immediately. Just let the tongue feel the choppu. Gently use your teeth and tear the skin. When the first poornam layer that comes into contact with the tongue, you are immediately intoxicated. As you chew the poornam, the juice covers the tongues and the intoxication level is slightly high. Just hold it in the tongue. Do not rush to chew the entire piece. But how long can you wait? As you start chewing the mixture of poornam and choppu the intoxication reaches its zenith and for a moment you could forget the world. After swallowing the intoxication drops drown to zero. You want one more but feel that the tongue is sweet. You can neutralize the taste by consuming its pair – the kara kozhukattai. The poornam for this would be slightly thicker than the sweet one. Sweet and karam can be alternated until the stomach says it is full. But there is always some space in the neck.

The ingredients to prepare kozhukkatai are very simple – rice flour, jaggery and desiccated coconut. Discussing about the preparation steps would be a deep disrespect to the crafts person who cooks it. There are several versions of the same recipe handed over to generation after generation. The person eating it need not worry about the preparation and can enjoy the intoxication.


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Enjoy reading, walking and listening to carnatic music. Love to write with fountain pen and occassionaly water colour.
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