What would she do?

In a remote village, an old aged couple  were leading a happy life. Their house is located in a calm and serene place. The village is fortunately not developed and there are visible signs of agriculture.  A small rivulet of river Cauvery flows near their house.  Selliamman’s temple is situated adjacent to the rivulet. The mere sight of the deity gives immense peace. A divine Sivan temple is located near their house. The temple has a wonderful tank. A channel from the rivulet flows into the tank. There is a small and beautiful vinaykar temple adjacent to the tank. The backyard (kollai) of the house is lush green with greenery. Gentle and cool breeze roamed freely in their house. There was no need for a ceiling fan during a hot summer. There are no main roads nearby and hence it is calm always. The only sound was that of birds chirping and occasionally cows chorus singing “Amaaaaaaa”.   Cows were fed in the traditional way. Goats happily roamed around and would often communicate about their uncertain life span. Hens and chicken freely roamed around. A stray dog took the post of the security guard for their house. It can differentiate between a visitor and strangers. It is extremely faithful to its master and performed its duty religiously for a small morsel of food. Visitors to the house are by default treated with fresh coconut water. Filter Coffee prepared with fresh cow’s milk was a specialty.  


The couple initially resisted many attempts to move to the city. Sadly the husband passed away and the wife had no other choice but to join her son in the city. She has moved to her son’s house located in a busy by lane. Here her view of the world is different. For her the sights of the trees have been replaced by a huge concrete mall that is coming across the road. The tank and rivulet are replaced by a corporation hand pump and sintex tank that leaks and loses water steadily. Cows feed on cinema posters and other rubbish strewn around. She awakes in the morning to the deafening sound of vehicles, construction activities and chatter. Dust seems to be omnipresent. Breeze is rationed. There is mutton stop adjacent where goats are anxious about the date and time of their slaughter. They look tired in their cramped cages. She is now lost in a different world and frequently gazes into nothing. What would she do?


About kpsatish

Enjoy reading, walking and listening to carnatic music. Love to write with fountain pen and occassionaly water colour.
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