Mother earth is crying

Today while crossing the kandanchavadi dump yard I noticed (as usual) that it was littered and garbage being burnt.  Two buffaloes were straying in the dump. I also faintly heard somebody crying. The cry was feeble but strong. I turned around, could only find speeding cars, buses and two wheelers. There were no human beings nearby. Who was crying? It was mother earth. She is crying because the burning and other dumping activities have caused a terrible burning sensation in her skin.  Human beings have tremendously benefited from industrialization. On the other end the damage caused to mother earth and environment is endless.  

 Long back I had read that mother earth is tolerant and kind to the extent that if somebody defecates on her, she converts the defecation into manure. Human beings brut fully tear her through tilling. For this act she does not get angry. She smiles back and gives us food. The mother is enduring immense pain that in the form of mining, nuclear tests, construction, drilling for crude, deforestation, pesticides, burning garbage, transportation and other activities. Pests and locusts freely roam on top her. Rats bite her and create burrows for their habitation. I feel that earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, tremors, floods and other so called furies are actually the symptoms of her inner suffering. 

How would you feel if sewage, industrial pollutants are thrown into you?  When a garbage truck passes nearby us do we not cover our nose?  What would happen to you if heaps of garbage is thrown on you?  How would you feel if some body drills in your body?   Oh mother I have no way to give relief or comfort you other than understanding the emotions that you undergo. I also feel guilty that I inflict pain to you indirectly.  I wish that you would get relief. There are still some good samaritans who are fighting for your cause!


About kpsatish

Enjoy reading, walking and listening to carnatic music. Love to write with fountain pen and occassionaly water colour.
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