Sri seetharama vilas Aduthurai Kumbakonam

Aduthurai seetharama vilas is located in Station road of Aduthurai. The appearance of the hotel (wrong word?) is very simple and is not flashy. It provides tasty and yummy food. I had visited it once around two years back. Last month I had been there again. People who served had a different style and the service was more from the heart. It may not be like the ones of our city hotel but certainly different. The food is served in banana leaf and after eating the patrons themselves would have to throw it into the dust bin. We were the first patrons for the days Lunch. Before serving us the lunch, a young boy took some rice and placed it in a plantain leaf. Next he poured some sambar into it and placed it before the almighty. Evening we had ashoka(sweet) and bonda. The ashoka was awesome. Next day breakfast was piping hot idlies, crisp dosas and unlimited chutney and sambar. Idlis were served to us straight from the pan. Strong fresh coffee complimented the breakfast. The vilas had been once famous and has changed ownership. It looks like the employees themselves have taken it and are running.  Amidst the rapid changes and changing preferences, How long would this kind of set ups sustain?


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Enjoy reading, walking and listening to carnatic music. Love to write with fountain pen and occassionaly water colour.
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