I dream

1.  People don’t dump plastic in the pond adjacent to my family deity temple @ Karuvazhakarai.
2.  People segregate bio degradable and non bio-degradable waste. Non bio-degradable waste is reprocessed.
3.  Pallikarnai marsh is rescued from encroachers and is more green.
4.  Perungudi dumpyard into a green corridor.
5.  Velachery lake is cleaned and rejevunated.
6.  People carry their own bags and avoid plastic bags.
7.  Entrepreneurs create a big virtual/physical exchange  market for used items.
8.  Authorities draft and implement a strong law for ewaste.
9. Earth hour is observed every week.
10. Malls are closed for two days in a week to save electricity.
11. Sewage water is reprocessed and used for industrial purposes.
12. Pollution caused by industrial units in Cudallore,Tiruppur, Ambur and Vaniyambadi are totally eliminated.
13. People reduce their dependency on buying bottled water/sachet.
14. World reduces its dependency on Nuclear and fossil fuel based power.
15. People don’t buy plots which were once agricultural lands.
15. Builders construct houses which naturally keep the house warm/cold based on the season.
16. Rag pickers are honoured and be part of a movement that helps reducing the pollution. In this process they are provided proper gadgets and medical benefits.
17. Greenery done in Auroville is replicated across the entire country.
18.  Children starting from Kinder garden are slowly oriented about garbage segregation.
19. People & organizations consciously reduce water & power consumption.
20. Rivers in the our nation are rejuvenated.

About kpsatish

Enjoy reading, walking and listening to carnatic music. Love to write with fountain pen and occassionaly water colour.
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